Istanbul is more than just a crowded metropolitan with a vibrant culture. You have to be there to feel and inhale the magic of Istanbul and its people. There is no way to escape its beauty and mesmerizing charm. During my last 10 trips to Istanbul I’ve chosen the best pictures and hope to influence you to put Istanbul on top of your list!

1. The Ortaköy Mosque near the Bosphorus

It’s not only a great spot for taking nice pictures but also for eating delicious kumpir and waffles near the Bosphorus.

2. Istanbul's sunset skyline

There is nothing better than having a walk near the sea and watch the sun eat the skyline.

3. Traditional Turkish Cafés

No matter how busy a day is there is always space for a cay and a round of backgammon.

4. Looking at the Asian Side

Istanbul is the only place that connects Asia with Europe and still it feels like the same place.

5. Sülemaniye Mosque in Eminönü

There are a million mosques in Istanbul but all have their own magic.

6. Turkish Street Food

Kebap, döner, köfte, simit, balik ekmek and much much more to eat on the streets of Istanbul.

7. The Cats of Istanbul

Turks love their cats and care about them more than anywhere else in this world.

8. Architecture in Balat

9. Istanbul's Galata Tower in Beyoglu

Surely the most famous sign of Istanbul and still can’t take my eyes off it whenever I am there!

10. Strolling in Shops and Bazars

For those who love bargaining and looking for the best deals in town.

+1 Eat as if there were no tomorrow

Turks have a really good taste in food and no matter what you are looking for – Istanbul will serve it for you with a spoon of yoghurt and a cup of cay.

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