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TravelComic is a place full of stories, impressions and inspiration. I started this travel blog in 2016 so that I can capture my thoughts and pictures while traveling and share them with other people. TravelComic aims to inspire. About our world, the place of our existence and show what there is to discover. There is much yet to be discovered, seen and eaten.

I travel with passion to places that have not yet fully succumbed to tourism. But sometimes I also like it very touristy classic on the beach in the hotel. Usually only with hand luggage. Sometimes for a few days or even for a few months. On the way I meet the craziest people and then I get involved with foreign cultures and unexplored places in a completely relaxed manner. This world is big and I like to be a part of it.

"No reason to stayIs a good reason to go"

That's me!

Franziska is a video content creator with over 1 Million followers and 200 Million views on social media. She works with brands to create content that tells their story. Franziska is also the host of the digital TV show “Not news but Life”.

With her women support group “Kadin Kardesler” she empowers women in Turkey and creates awareness through education, literacy, arts and sports.

One of her main focuses is crypto education and building a bridge between content creation and the crypto community.


Johanna Konopatzky
Landscape Architect

Illustrating and writing about her thoughts is very relaxing for her – just like a cup of delicious black tea, fresh flowers, chocolate or long walks in nature. Her illustrations are cute, thoughtful and straight from the heart. Enjoying the beautiful little things in life is her motto. You can find more of her drawings on her blog jokosthoughts.de.