Being a blonde takes a lot of effort and time when it comes to hair care. Therefore one of the hardest things is to chose a good hair salon that treats you with all their knowledge and the right products.

It is not always easy to trust hair salons from the beginning. Especially when you are abroad!

So, here I am. On the Philippines in Davao City. Looking for someone to dye my roots in light blonde.

I chosed the Coiff It Up Salon Centre and thought giving it a try. Read more for more infos and my personal experience 🙂

Salon Infos

Location: D'Leonor Hotel Building, J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, 19-B Poblacion, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Tel.: (082) 291 4103

Door 4 Gutierrez Bldg., JP Laurel Ave., Bajada Davao City

My proposal

I asked for bleaching my roots, so that it blends in with the rest of my dyed blonde hair. Nothing new for my hair, just a retouch of my roots.

By showing a picture of the hair color I want to achieve I made sure that they really get what I want.

Products and Application

Kerastase is the main brand they use at the Coiff It Up Salon. Their products are of good quality and I felt that the hair stylist really knows what he is using.

Before bleaching my hair they washed and brushed it. Unfortunately they were a little unpatient with brushing my long hair so that I had to request to be more careful with it and to avoid tearing out the knots.

The coloring process was really enjoyable as I was afraid of ending up with yellowish or fried hair. They only bleached it once and eventually put a toner on my hair. That’s it and I am really happy 🙂

The Staff and Salon

The Coiff It Up Salon has three Senior Hairstylists which take care of every service you request. They have somone for the cut, color, make up, foot spa, manicure and other special requests.

I got my hair done by Benjie who is really professional. He got right into what I was looking for and then got down to it. He did not start many conversations with me (even though his Englisch was really good), but rather concentrated on his job and made sure that I feel comfortable. I was able to give him a direction and then just let him do his thing.

The other staff members did not engage a lot with me but they brought me coffee and were overall friendly.

Benjie Mosquera VII, Senior Hairstylist

Josie Manco, Senior Hairstylist

Shaad Maulana, Senior Hairstylist

The prices

The price for a visit is higher than anywhere else in Davao City. The root retouch was around 2,500 Pesos including a hair mask, washing and blow drying.

For me, the price tag is worth it because I got what I want and felt really comfortable during the whole process.

Prices for other services can be asked in the salon or via text message to their FB.

The result

I must admit that when I came home with my new color, I was shocked, because it was really bright. I have never been this blonde in my entire life 😀 Nevertheless, I really liked it after a few days and got used to my new look.

They used a hair mask after dying my hair which left my hair feeling soft and not so brittle like bleach would. Benjies work was very nice and he did care to not damage my hair which made me feel great about trusting him with my hair.

To top off a great experience, the salon itself was extremely clean and beautiful. It’s exactly what you want in a salon. Highly recommended and I’ll definitely recommend the salon to locals and foreigners! I would definitely go to the Coiff It Up Salon again.