Istanbul is more than just a crowded metropolitan with a vibrant culture. You have to be there to feel and inhale the magic of Istanbul and its people. There is no way to escape its beauty and mesmerizing charm. During my last 10 trips to Istanbul I’ve chosen the best pictures and hope to influence you to put Istanbul on top of your list!

1. The Ortaköy Mosque near the Bosphorus

The Wen Wu Temple is located at the Sun Moon Lake and definetely worth a visit.

2. Istanbul's sunset skyline

There is nothing better than having a road trip through Taiwan and driving while the beautiful landscape passes by.

3. Traditional Turkish Cafés

Cold mornings in one of Taiwan’s big cities are mysterious and magical.

4. Looking at the Asian Side

Do not underestimate the vastness of Taiwan’s national parks.

5. Sülemaniye Mosque in Eminönü

Every temple is different. Stop for a while and take a look at all the details.

6. Turkish Street Food

Taiwan is also known for its delicious and addicting street food.

7. The Cats of Istanbul

Never asleep and never tired.

8. Architecture in Balat

A gondola ride during fog and cloudy weather is probably nothing to wish for but it has its own magic.

9. Istanbul's Galata Tower in Beyoglu

Taiwan is the place for hikers and nature lovers with its numerous national parks, trails and mountains to explore.

10. Strolling in Shops and Bazars

For those who love cozy places and a romantic atmosphere.

+1 Eat as if there were no tomorrow

Probably one of the best and easiest countries to hitchhike. The hospitality is just amazing and people will care about your safety more than yourself.

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