Pinterest Group Board for Travel Videos

Click here to get directly forwarded to the Pinterest Group Board “Awesome Travel Videos”

Video is the future. And therefore Pinterest introduced a new function to share videos on its platform. A huge step forward! With the new video function of Pinterest it is now possible to share video content and to watch videos directly in the pinterest feed.

To make it more efficient for video producers and in particular travel videographers it makes sense to share the video content in a group board to increase your reach, organize travel videos in a collection and to connect with other collaborators of the same niche.


Are you a travel videographer? Join this board to show your adventures & travel videos! Click here to get forwarded to the Pinterest Group Board “Awesome Travel Videos”

How to be part of the group board:

» STEPS: Follow my Pinterest account first (not just the board) & send me an email at gwen[at] with your Pinterest profile to request. Or simply request to join via Pinterest.

6 group board rules

(1) Limit pins to 3 images/videos a day
(2) Post ONLY vertical photos
(3) Pins should have a link to a video
(4) NO commercial sites
(5) NO duplicate posts
(6) Not a requirement, but try to repin another pin on the board each time you add a pin

More Travel Video Group Boards

As videos are a new thing at Pinterest there aren’t that many group boards for (travel) videos yet, but if you know some put them in the comments! 🙂

Also find more boards for your niche at Pinterest using Pingroupie!